Tuesday, September 23, 2008

im missing who?

i miss my sisters and brother, yrah, killa, gino and kenneth.


Economic related question

since the prices of stocks are down, do you think now is a good time to buy one?

Ms. Banker's answer:

"People who believe that the prices have bottomed, who believe that the fundamentals of the company is good, who believe recovery will come sooner or later (can take years), people who have spare cash, and who probably has no exposure /investment yet in that stock, can see an opportunity in this bearish market.

Biggest restriction is liquidity. People would want to stay as liquid as possible.

They want to make sure that they have money to service their obligations. It’s still very unstable, like what you said, kaya it’s also difficult for people to judge things."

Monday, September 22, 2008

11 tourist kidnapped in Egypt!!!

ROME, Italy (CNN) -- A group of tourists -- including five Italians -- has been kidnapped in Egypt, the Italian Foreign Ministry said Monday.
The ministry is in touch with the other foreign ministers and the Italian Embassy in Cairo, but did not specify what nationalities were involved.
A ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said 11 tourists were kidnapped in southern Egypt -- including five Italians, five Germans and one Romanian.
Egyptian government spokesman Magdy Rady told The Associated Press the group was on a trip in Egypt's remote western desert near the Sudanese-Egyptian borders when they kidnapped Monday.
He added that the four other people held are Egyptian nationals believed to be tour guides and security guards.

Pano ang dream trip ko to Egypt. Afraid
From CNN

Friday, September 5, 2008

Career should go first now

Career first!

Everything else can wait

Love can
Love should

Love will


No longer capable of differentiating love from strong attaction, like and want.

Im just lost.

Ghost from the past

I recieved 2 "buzz" from mike sa YM a couple of days ago

What did i do? Nothing.

Then i checked my friendster and found out that he viewed my account.

What did i do? Nothing.

I saw him today and yesterday while i was in the tryk.

What did i do? Nothing.

He's just a bloody ghost from the past.
I dont want to have anything to do with him anymore.
I hate him. He knows why.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My first crush ever!

It was during our nursery days when i first set my eyes on Gino Rod Lim Rosales.

He was certainly my first crush ever.

Our teachers, classmates and even parents started to tease us eventhough we were still little. They said, "They would certainly make a good couple someday." :)

I remember, during my elementary days, I used to pray to God get Gino to notice me. He did help me. When we were in grade 1, Gino confessed that he had a huge crush on me. hahaha! (bata pa lang may ganyan na eh noh.) I think told me that through the letter that he gave me. Crush letter that is! hahaha.

He flew away to study in the US when we were grade two. Then, three years (1, 2 or 3? not sure) after he came back and studied again at MSI. I recieved two Crush-letters (is there such a thing as crush letter? hahha! iono) from him. I was only able to keep one of those 3 letters he gave me. I have it until now.

Then, he left to study in US (for good) when we were grade 6. No communication at all for years.

On june 15, 2003, God gave me a chance to see him again when he came for vacation. He went to school, wearing a blue polo shirt. Oh i vividly remember how he stood at our classroom door and waved hello. During that time, we were busy reading "the cask of amontillado." My face grew hot as my classmates shouted, "mahalia, si gino!" i tried to conceal my red face with the book that i was holding but it didn't work. I wasnt able to escape from my classmates. hahhah! ^_^ Giino and i didn't have the chance to talk at all. Probably because were too shy. After a few weeks, He left again.

When i wast in first year college (May10 8:42 am), he called me. I was really surpised when i heard his voice. I did not recognize it was him at first of course. We talked for 10 min 8 seconds and decided to continue our conversation sa ym. We talked for 5 hours. He asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend, but during that time, i guess i was blindly inlove with kenneth so i said no. hahaha. (Stupid decision ei?).

We also had a chance to chat last summer 2006. That time, i was waiting for him to ask me if i still wanted to be his gf. He did not. He has a girlfriend. :(

We did not talk till then.

Evenso, I never missed a year saying a prayer for him during his birthday
(march 30). I remember, there was a time when i was in a plane, on my way to singapore, the crew started to sing the happy birthday song for a little boy. It was also Gino's birthday also...