Friday, November 30, 2007

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

List (Marketing)

Kring, Aia, Ngo

1. IMC
2. Datejem
3. Toby's
5. Karimadon
6. COC
7. St. Bernadette
9. Kaila
10. Boy Binalot
11. IPVG
12. Holy Trinity
13. Molave Trading
14. Studio 23

Hazel, Nadz, Atcheal

1. Pastillas de Leche
2. Air Liquide Phil.Inc.
3. MV Lumber and Construction Supply
4. Anshue Garments
5. Peter Paul Phil. Corp.
6. Arco Metal Products

Shyne, Jom, Hannah

1. Tod's Country Craft
2. Maratex
3. FEM Corp.
4. Beanhoppers
5. Pampanga's Best
6. Murasarap Foods
7. Wilhold Chem
8. Phil. Foremost Milling Corp.
9. Alindeco
10. Enerthrust
11. Partas
12. Metrogas
13. ABC Lab
14. Gotoking
15.XYZ Pharma

Mela, Jamie, Angela

1. Asahi Glass Phil.
2. Nana Rosa's Cornick
3. Queen Foods
4. Steel Asia
5. Avis Rent a Car
6. Vizon Transport
7. Mtech
8. MG Business System Inc.
9. Asian Pacific
10. Ponderosa
12. Golden Harvest

Margaux, Kat, Jersey

1. Link Center
2. Uniwide Sales
3. Nonny Shoe
4. F. Lui School of Dance
5. Yehey Corp
6. G & S Transport
7. Netopia
8. ePLDT
9. Scramball Food
10. Symbol Sciences Inc

Hershey, Sheree, Rizz

1. Toby's Cabanatuan
2. Robinson's Mall

Ance, Maru, Joan

1. Buds and Blooms
2. RGA Shell Station
3. The Pit Stop Car Maintenance
4. Type mo, type ko computer center
5. tabworks computer center
6. icy ice enterprise
7. best crafts basket design
8. sure kill pest control specialist
9. basket and ribbons souvenir making
10. designs and decors
11. sanggol collections
12. kakikayan boutique
13. Blossom gift for women
14. party warehouse

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

List ( Finance)


Asilo, Joyce Anne


Detaunan, Rangel Anne


Loya, Djoanne


Cyware Incorporated: An Expansion to Cebu and Davao (2004)

Rural Bank of Parang (Maguindanao) Inc.: Development of Market and New Services (2004)

Optiserve Technologies Incorporated: Market Penetration Strategy in Pampanga (2004)

St. John Hill Academy: An Integrated Strategy for St. John Hill Academy (2004)

Easycall Internet Business Unit (2004)

Metro Gas: Market Penetration in Marikina (2005)

Datejem Properties, Incorporated Liquidation (2005)

Holy Trinity Memorial Chapels (2005)

Miriam College Sports Center Concentric Diversification of FEM Corporation (2005)

SBLC: Service Development for St. Bernadette of Lourdes College (2005)

Studio 23 Incorporated (2005)

Toby’s Sports: Forming a Partnership with Academic Institutions (2005)

Integrated Marketing Communications for Miriam College (2005)

Woodworks Export Company (1998)


Esteras, Margarita Paz


Hernandez, Jesreel


Miradora, Katrina


Strama Cases:


Uniwide Sales, Inc.

Nonny Shoe Mfg. Co.

F.Lui School of Dance & Music

Yehey Corp.

G&S Transport Corp. Inc.



Scramball Food Enterprise

MG Business Systems, Inc.

Symbol Sciences, Inc.

Anshell Garments

Link Center for the Deaf


Buenaventura, Anna Raphaela


Vergel De Dios, Elise Katrina


Asian Pacific Realty and Brokerage Corp.

Uniserve System Intl, Inc.

Otto General Merchandise

Vizon Transportation

Positive Noize

Paper & Prints

Deli Treats

Falon Surgilab

Bachik Trading

Fresh Catch Fish Farm

Pensional Adriatico

Tsinelaz Republic


Dimatatac, Nadenne


Martin, Cherry Anne


Ty, Ann Marie


Strama Cases/Feasibility Studies:

Little Paws

Tiny Steps

Computer Professionals

Buff n Puff

Scandinavian IT Services

Sporteum Inc. Intensive Advertising, Promotions and Adding up a Concession in SM Pampanga

Golden Harvest Construction Supply, Inc.

MV Lumber and Construction Supply, Inc.

The White House

Fun Station

Cues N’ Action

The Digital Edge

Cut and Coffee



Delos Santos, Marie Clare


Marano, Kristelle


Rama, Anna Abigael


Feasibility Studies:

- R and R Carpool Service (1997)

- Azalea Soap Leaves (1995)

- Oreans Video Shop (1995)

- Power Dance Fitness Center (1998)

- Uniporme at Iba pa (1997)

- Trucking Services (1995)

- Business Solution (1998)

- Bake a Lot (1996)

- Telahan (1997)

- Stilo Shoe Manufacturing (1996)

- Reo Fresh Incorporated (1996)

- Peckock Place House (1997)

- Party Warehouse (1998)

- Plant Tattoo (1998)


Javier, Mari Rose


Morales, Maria Isabel Anne


Pascual, Gracelle


Feasibility Studies:

- Blossoms Gift for Women (1996)

- 99 Red Balloons & Party Needs (1997)

- Flames Bar & Grill (1998)

- An-dress Blouse Shop (1996)

- Real Fresh Inc (1996)

- Cinematix (1996)

- Caskets Mortuary (1996)

- Home Treasures (1997)

- Puregold House of Jewels (1998)

- Coupon Works Inc A Coupon Duplication Company (1998)

- Surekill Pest Control Specialist (1996)

- Amber Farms (1996)

- Ghirelle Gen. Merchandise (1996)

- Truck King Service Interprints (1996)


Montiague, Rachelle Marie


Reyes, Armi Ven


Reyes, Vir Mary Gaile


Feasibility Studies:

- Smile Play and Learn

- Tapsilogan Atbp. (Dine-in & Take-out Counter)

- Hapag Kainan sa Kanto

- Food for Thought Bakeshop

- Copy & Copies

- Store-a-lot Jobbing Services

- Precious Pure Distilled Water

- Black Box (Shoe Box Factory)

- Breaktime

- C. Vic Shoes (Shoes Store for Men & Women)

- Baskets & Ribbon (Souvenir Making)


Alagon, Sheree Mae


Briones, Rizz Barbara


Villabroza, Fides Marie


Strama Cases/Feasibility Studies:

- Robinsons Land Corp.

- Toby’s Cabanatuan

- Nutri Oil Distributors – Cooking Oil Repacking & Distribution (1998)

- 168 Victoria Square (1998)

- Generation Computer Systems (1996)

- Triple M Enterprise (1996)

- Black & White Espresso (1996)

- Kleen Chem. Enterprises (1998)

- Ka-Ki-Kayan Boutique (1998)

- Lamcor Auto Supply (1997)

- Watch N’ Wear (1997)

- Audio Authority Car Auto Shop (1996)

- Egg Farm (1996)

Monday, November 12, 2007


What are the advantages of being Single

1. If you want to go out you can
2. You can spend more time with Family and Friends
3. You are free to date anyone
4. Not obligated to call/text
5. No dating expenses
6. No monthsary/anniversary expenses
7. Won't be tempted to the the *** thingy (Teens)
8. You can focus more on your career

more coming.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Heart Break

“Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be.”

  1. Get rid of material things that remind you of that person - everything but your memories (memories can help you laugh when you’re sad).
  2. Get closer to family (it's not the kind of love you want but it is the kind you need).
  3. Talk about him/her to parents, counselors, or that friend that’s been there for you. They can be trusted and they will always hold you up when you want to fall and cry!
  4. Know that you are not alone. It's one of life's hard lessons. Try to learn from it and strengthen yourself for having had the experience. After all, it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.
  5. Volunteer. Help others - it'll keep you active and take your mind off things.
  6. Study or work harder. Study is a great place to lose yourself and get ahead. And it will focus your thoughts on greater promises for the future.

What won't kill you will only make you stronger.

Convo with a new found friend ^_^

Ken Marquez: kelan b bday mo?
majal: i'm*
majal: june
Ken Marquez: june what?
majal: 18
majal: y?
majal: u goin to throw a bday party for me?
majal: aw...
majal: how sweet of you.
Ken Marquez: of course not! hahahahha!
Ken Marquez: nde naman ako mayaman eh
majal: wushu!
majal: humble effect ka pa
Ken Marquez: cgeh pag yaman ko khit evry month bday mo hahahah!
majal: hahhaa
majal: talga ah!.
majal: im goin to keep this conversation

Keep your promise ha!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wisdom teeth?

My gums started to ache yesterday, so i checked it.
Wah! i saw a tooth surfacing.
Wisdom tooth nga ba ito?


Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually appear between the ages of 16 and 24 (although they may appear when older or younger). They are commonly extracted when they affect other teeth—this impaction is colloquially known as "coming in sideways." Most people have four wisdom teeth, but it is possible to have more or fewer. Absence of one or more wisdom teeth is an example of hypodontia. Any extra teeth are referred to as supernumerary teeth.

From wikipedia

i asked my cousin aya bout it:

majal: meh wisdom teeth ka na?
tracer_006: uu bkt?
tracer_006: meron nang wisdom tooth pero wala paring wisdom
majal: hahaha
majal: nice!


Got nothing to do.
Check for adobe photoshop tutorial online.


Successfully finished editing this pic.

Crap! i forgot na the URL. tsk!

Thanks ^_^

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Not mine to keep

If it's not yours, it will never be yours no matter how much your obsessed with it,
but if in case...
just in case....
It's for you,
It will always be for you no matter how often you ignore it..