Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Convo with a new found friend ^_^

Ken Marquez: kelan b bday mo?
majal: i'm*
majal: june
Ken Marquez: june what?
majal: 18
majal: y?
majal: u goin to throw a bday party for me?
majal: aw...
majal: how sweet of you.
Ken Marquez: of course not! hahahahha!
Ken Marquez: nde naman ako mayaman eh
majal: wushu!
majal: humble effect ka pa
Ken Marquez: cgeh pag yaman ko khit evry month bday mo hahahah!
majal: hahhaa
majal: talga ah!.
majal: im goin to keep this conversation

Keep your promise ha!

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