Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sideline: Prince Gian

Prince Gian
Shin (Korean)

Joo, Ji-Hoon (Korean: 주지훈, Hanja: 朱智勛, born on 16 May 1982) is a popular model and actor from South Korea. He is well known for portraying Shin in Princess Hours, which was his acting debut.
Before entering the entertainment industry, he studied in Dongwon University and majored in e-Business. He was known as "Handy Man" in his school for his tall height (6'2"). In 2003, he went into modelling and advertised for names like Calvin Klein, LEVI's and Reebok. He has also won awards for modelling.

I really like him, as in! Hotness eh! He has a strong character in the Princess Hours, yet has warm heart, inside. As the crown prince of korea, he is not allowed to show his weaknesses and his soft side. He has to be independent and must always stay on top. Actually, he is not even allowed to call her mom, the inang reyna, as "mama." I feel sorry for him everytime his father takes prince troy's side. It seems that the king loves troy more than gian. (akin ka na lang Gian). As janelle's husband naman, er, well, he is a bit shy in showing his feelings, but i love it when he makes "lambing" to princess janelle, hay i wish i was her. waheheh!

"hay, kinikilig na 'ko, can't write anymore. my mind is flooded by Princess hours' kilig-to-the-bones-scenes.."

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