Sunday, March 25, 2007

OJT timaling ^_^

YEY! it's hot!
It's summer time.
Unlike my past summer vacation, i have to spend my summer working. Yeah, we need to find a company and work for 200 hours (min.) This is a course requirement sa MC to be able to move on sa last year of college.

Vavoom and I were very blessed to be accepted sa Deutsche Knowledge and Sevices (DKS), meaning di po kami sa BANK mismo. Basically, DKS gives support to Deutsche Bank. blah blah blah!

Vava and I were assinged sa ISIS (I forgot kung anu meaning) whah!

VAVA = Singapore

Mahalia = London

Our boss, who happend to be a MC grad, gave us plenty of time to read and get to know the company better. So, for two days, ala pa kami maxado ginawa. ^_^ Oh! We were introduce nga pla to all our two-months-officemates! They were are serious yet funny pipol. basta! sobrang warm ng welcome nila! thank you po!

Hallo DKS World!

i was welcomed to the LONDON part ng ISIS with a cup of coffee from starbuck during my second day. (Thank you po!)

It was Jason, who helped me a lot. Well, lhat naman sila, pero kasi si Jason ung hands-on sa kin. So thank you JASON! Sorry na din if di mo natatapos ung work mo because of me.. :'c

^_^ feels really good to be a part of the team! ^_^

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