Wednesday, January 31, 2007

lindsay lohan turned into a barbie

I accidentally turned lindsay lohan into a barbie doll! wahaha !!!

Before and after:

I saw a tutorial in worth1000 wherein Kristin Kruk was turned in to a real manga gal. I read it and thought it was easy for a beginner, like me, to do, uhmm.. compared to the other tutorials. And so, i searched for photo. At first i thought of edting Paris Hilton's pictures but then, her face, in most of her pictures, was faced sideways and that would give me a hard time editing it. Then Lindsay lohan popped into my mind. I found a pic which i thought would perfect for my job. I downloaded it and began editing right away.
The first few stages of the tutorial was easy and i did not encounter any serious problems until the eye cutting-pasting-thingy came. There was a time when i thoughtof giving up, thanks to the revitalizing power of my strong will, I was able to finish it. I have to repeat that part gazillions of times for the eyes to fit the face!!!. (err, i know the left part of lohan's face wasn't that flawless, uhm. maybe i could edit it sometime). Then on the last few stages, i accidentally clicked something near the effect which I should be using. Alas! She was turned into a barbie!

Learning? Single step/click can ruin/improve your output.

I showed this to my classmates and teacher and they liked it!
Maybe i could submit a tutorial in worth1000 to help others create this effect!
I would like to thank:
Yrah and Janjan - introducing me to Photoshop
Jaymie - For my photoshop installer.
Sir Yuv- For being the way for us to discover that here is a useful and very helpful site, such as worth1000, regarding picture editing.
Roselle- For informing me that there are tutorials in
Internet connection powered by isp bonanza.
Meralco-Source of electricity
Family-being my inspiration
Computer provided by ate shie
Detractors - Giving me the strong will to do better
Most importantly to God for giving us talents and time.

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