Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I have been using Globe's unlimited text messaging service for quite some time and when it expired already, I was surprised with the new rates. I tried sending the usual message to 2870 every time I am requesting for the said service then, I got the exciting details Here are the rates for your reference:

All-day unlimited texting (UNLITXT20, UNLITXT 40, UNLITXT 80)
P20 - 1 dayP40 - 2 daysP80 - 4 days
For the heavy day-time texters (UNLITXTD15, UNLITXTD30)
15 - 1 day30 - 2 days
For the heavy night-shift texters (UNLITXTN10, UNLITXTN20)
P10 - 1 dayP20 - 2 days
Unlimited GHP-GHP Texting + P0.75 SMS to other networks
(TXTPLUS25, TXTPLUS50)P25 - 1 dayP50 - 2 days

In order to get the most out of this service, you should just get the best variant that suits your SMS lifestyle. Any comments on the new pricing scheme?

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