Thursday, February 8, 2007

Happy Teachers' Day

MC celebrated the teachers' day today, and as a part of our tradition (Yeah, parang tagal ko na talga sa MC noh?), the sangguniang magaaral ng miriam organized a program wherein the performers would be our very own teachers and professors.. Once more, we have experienced/seen their rarely unleashed talents. We had so much fun, but it was sir cui, now known as “papa lo,” who caused the muscles on my face to harden due to that 10-min-long-laughing-mode. He once again proved that he still is the rock star of the BA department when he sang those two not-so-popular songs. Err, well I could say that those were totally unpopular because I have never heard those songs played over the radio. One of those he said was from the band “Chupakabras” which I haven’t heard also. Jaymie commented that he was just as if in his bedroom singing on the top of his voice. Whahah! After his number, he bent his head down (Hiya mode ba ito?) and apologized to the crowd saying “sorry, sorry talga, sorry…” Aw, sir chui, you don’t have to say sorry, we enjoyed laughing naman eh! Peace!
Oh! Luke Mejares suddenly came out of nowhere and serenaded MC with two lovely songs: So inlove with you and So sick. I guess no one from the audience did expect that he would perform today. Well, let us give thanks to the entrepreneur people who made it happen.

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