Friday, May 18, 2007

I going to miss everything and everyone .. sa DKS

Friday, May 18, 2007. Last Day of my OJT at Deutsche Knowledge and Services.

What I’ll surely miss:

Choosing what to wear
Wearing my high HEELS
Wrestling with others in order to ride the ever-overloaded MRT
Buying Stored Value Cards
Air-conditioned jeepney (Ayala Loop)
Elegant building (Enterprise Center)
Jolly Guards
Lovely elevator
Knocking at DKS' glass door
Jen/s who often opens the door for us
Jason- My kakulitan Mentor, Candyman
Myro- Undefinable, started calling me “vava”
JP- Hardworking and Sweet
Jaymie- Sweet miss jaymie
Ron- Taong Starbucks
Buddy- Reminds me of Wrestling (Yeah! Compliment ito)
Jezer- Dancer and MODEL!
Jericho- Team captain of the basketball team
Ron- calls me ‘Darling’ (love it whenever he does it)
Mr. Mark Pleyto- My boss. There’s something in his scent I really love
Chuckie- Chinese speaking Gal. Most famous in ISIS.
Sheryll- Dude Magnet they say, Slimmer version of Chuckie but cannot speak in Chinese (hihih)
Ms. Alice- Alias: Mudra,
Paul Jason- His big deep voice
Jericho- ‘manager’- Flirt they say.
Sir Milton and the rest of the gang- Kept on teasing me with chad. (who’s chad?- he’s an intern from the Ateneo, really good in Macro, (I heard) and brilliant i reporting.)
Ms. Ann- Girl Power: Idol, reminds me of my sister (Amor).
Blue Boys including ate ‘the blue-pantry-girl'
Every corner of our office (including the pantry and CR)
My workplace/cubicle
Scanner, Printer, PC
Filing Cabinet
Stinking food park
Triple Choco Boom
Ate Quickly- knows what flavor I want
My tasks

I’ll surely miss everything, everyone.

I wish to see you all again.

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