Monday, June 4, 2007


Conflicts/ Problems encountered during my OJT:

I have not encountered any heavy problems during my On-the-Job-Training actually, but I did have difficulty dressing-up, commuting from home to work, vice-versa and some financial problem.

Dressing up

My wardrobe does not have business clothes, because I do not wear those, except now, that’s why I went to the mall and even to Divisoria to buy cheaper ones. It’ hard to mix and match clothes, I enjoyed it though. And since my parents stayed all summer in our province, I had to wash and iron them all by myself. I think most people knew that washing and I ironing these types of clothes are harder than the others. Also, it’s summer, it’s hot, wearing long sleeves during this season gives us hard/hot time. Lastly, wearing high heels. Wohoo! I felt that the veins in my feet began to pop and become visible!

· Prepare the clothes that you are planning to wear the next day and always have contingency plans.
· Use softener for easier ironing (haha)
· Wear flats/slippers when commuting.

Additional information:

If you do not really care if your clothes are branded or not, most of the clothes, including shoes, found in the mall (especially in the department store) are also available in Divisoria. (Divi should pay me for this! hahah)


I took almost the same ride I take in going to school and to work if you will look at it in a bird’s eye view. I rode jeepney, train, and tricycle. ALMOST THE SAME. But if you’ll look at it closely, commuting to work (vice-versa) was way harder than going to school because I had to ride the ever-over-loaded MRT. The MRT is very different from LRT. LRT is cleaner and bigger, and most of all it’s waaaaay less crowded than the MRT. I had to wrestle with people and before I make it to the office. I had to retouch my make up and everything because I felt totally wasted. We called the MRT, “JAMPACK” ride. I think people who are patronizing the MRT are putting their lives in much risk. Because of the over populated platform, people tend to push themselves forward in order for them to ride to the train. Moreover, because of that tension, most of the passengers forget that they are stepping onto the yellow line. The yellow line is suppose to remind the people that they should not go beyond it while waiting for the train. Also, I notice that the MRT personnel are not alert, so I consider them USELESS. Why? Because most of them are not doing what they are suppose to do. FACT: I have not yet encountered a bag checker who did his work properly. They don’t check bags most of the time or if they do, they will just dig your bag with a stick and that’s it! Now let me ask, is their primary concern still OUR (costumers’) safety!?
I also encountered queuing in a long, long, long super long line for a ticket.

In fairness to the Ayala Loop, I have to give credit to them because of their air-conditioned jeepneys, which I believe caters the needs of their customers. (two thumbs up people)


· For MRT: Remind their employees what their primary concerns are. Implement rules and regulations. Be tighter if needed. Be strict with cleanliness.

· They should adopt what the other countries (like Singapore and Hond-Kong) are doing. Having automated ticketing machine. This will somehow shorten the queue for tickets.

· Costumers: Don’t be a “pasaway.” Follow their policy for safer and better travel.

· Have at least 15 minutes of allowance. You’ll never know when your train is going to be late, or worst, how long you’ll be stuck inside the train. (Take it from me)

· If you’re a female, single and not willing to be “chansing-ed” (past tense) by maniacs, it’s better for you to ride in the front part of the train.

· Never let yourself run out of MRT ticket. TSK. TSK. TSK

Financial Problem

Makati-life was completely different from my Katipunan-life. The food in the Enterprise Food Park was more expensive than the food that we buy in our cafeteria at school, so I had to bring packed-lunch from home. (Remember: my parents are in the province, and so I had to exert extra effort in waking up early to cook). Also, the big difference between my daily fare to work and to school.

Going to School

P 24 Jeepney
24 LRT

Going to Work

P 14 Jeepney (Ordinary)
28 (MRT)
12 Ayala Loop
25 Tricycle

I appreciate the allowance (P 200.00) from the company but I can’t deny the fact that it’s barely enough for us to survive for a day. (FYI: Often we leave the office at 6, syempre we have miriendas pa). Because of this, I had to ask from my financer, my sister, an increase. Hahah! I’m really glad she understood my situation. Thanks ate.

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