Thursday, June 26, 2008

He caught me off guard

June 17, 2008
1 day before my birthday

Mahalia reveals all: (err.. not really all all)

I visited our school (Miriam College) because of the part time job that our Department chair offered me. Then, i met up with Rosel for lunch and headed straight to Trinoma after.

He-who-must-not be named invited me there to meet up. He said that since it was my birthday tomorrow, he's the taya.

Since it was libre and all, i agreed.We haven't seen each other for months nor spent time to talk from the day that we broke up last 2005. And so yeah, we watched a movie (like old times) and took out food from Mcdo.

The first time I saw him, he was gazing at me then he asked : "Kumain ka na?"I nodded and asked what we are are watching. He handed me a five hundred peso bill and and said: ikaw pumili, birthday mo diba? Libre! Kung Fu Panda. Before goin in, he insisted to buy something from Mcdo and so i followed him. He either walks behind me or infront of me because he was scared that someone might see him. Haha. I remember the times when i was the one scared that someone might caught me going out with him. It seem that now, it's the other way round na.

He bought me a sundae and a float (i dont drink coke, but what can i do? libre, so sige lang). Grrr.

When we were seated comfortably inside, i secretly glanced at him and thought: I really miss this man, i miss being with him. I miss seating beside him. i miss us.Blah blah blah!. we talked, laughed and reminiced our past (o wag ganun ha). blah blah blah.

When the movie was about to end, he leaned over me and said: "I miss this, I miss taking care of you, sobra kitang namiss ah.."

He held my hand and looked at me. WAAAHH!

That moment, i felt like dying. I just can't explain it, what's funny is that i did not do anything to take my hand back. Stop ticking clock, stop.

Then we talked, he leaned towards me again and kissed me gently on my left cheek. He smiled at me and said " i missed you, ano ba nangyari sa tin non.."

I want to answer him but i was not able to utter any words. Then memories came rushing in. What really caused our break up? Im so confused.

Blah blah blah When the movie ended, he hugged me and said thanks. Of course did the same, duh, opportunity knocks only once. haha. Then, when we were about to leave he held me again bended over and kissed me on my lips. His kisses were unexplainable. He caught me off guard. i did not know my to do, i knew that time that i want to kiss him back, so i did. What i did was kindda bitchy i know but what can else can i do? Bahala na.

My eyes grew hot and watery, he spoke: "i want to take care of you again, but i don't know how and when."

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